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November Photo Challenge: People

Another month has just about bitten the dust which means that it’s already time to submit some photos for P.J.’s monthly photo challenge. This month’s theme is “People” and I have to admit that taking pictures of people is a huge challenge for me. On one hand, there’s the issue of privacy and posting photos of strangers and friends. Then there’s this issue of our bustling city of 3 million people seemingly becoming a ghost town. Where have all the people gone? Are they all on vacation? Got swallowed up by a sinkhole? Are they afraid of the cold? The politics?

People. Can’t find them, can’t get them to sign the release form.

Anyhow, here’s what I got.

1. This was interesting and I’m glad that I happened to be walking by at that moment. This is also the last time I saw the sunshine. (Seconds after I took this photo, these feet rolled up and disappeared under the house, just like the Wicked Witch of the East’s did in that scene from The Wizard of Oz.)

feet under house

2. And then it snowed. Footprints. A clear sign that people were here. I tracked them for awhile, hoping that they’d lead me somewhere warm. (Seconds after I took this picture, I was trampled by a herd of people.)
people footprints in the snow

3. Them. Hey people. You just trampled me and now I can’t get up. (Seconds after I took this shot, I missed that bus).
people walking in a snowstorm

4. Section of the Berlin Wall on display at the Intercontinental Hotel. This has everything to do with People and freedom etc. Oddly enough, immediately after taking this photo, I was asked to leave the building. Some people, huh? Ok, maybe they were closing.

berlin wall section montreal

5. Stragglers make their way down St. Paul St. It’s cold and it’s late. (Seconds after I took this photo, I went home).
st paul old montreal winter people

Great! That wraps up another month. Now head on over to P.J.’s to see who else participated.

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  • I’m also sensitive to obtaining permission from people whose images I post on my blog. I didn’t get the mounted policeman’s permission to post, but I figure it’s a public servant so ….

    No. 1 image was great – what in the world is that guy doing?

    I so love these challenges. It is like sharing in a slice of your environment and it is is always fascinating.

  • Mike Davis

    I really like your take on the theme. It’s a nice way around your issues that still capture the theme perfectly.

  • Damn! I just lost my comment. Here I go again….

    You have some great photos here, Mike. I LOVE the legs…. and the footprints. The piece of Berlin wall makes me quite emotional. So much heartache and so many deaths took place there.

  • jo W

    fabulous take on the theme, and i loved your narration … I still wondering about the person in the first photo, totally interesting …

  • I love what you did with the theme. Laughed at your “Wizard of Oz” shot. We’ll never know what he was looking for.

    You always have to be careful of being trampled by people this time of year.

  • OK, that first one is BRILLIANT. I mean absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! HOLY COW!

    The footprints one is intriguing…. you can practically see the people… it is ghostly and wonderful!

  • Lisa

    Excellent! I love the first shot and your commentary made me laugh! The second shot is an awesome idea.

  • Paul Myers

    While the Berlin wall resonates with me – I know of at least three sections I’ve seen in my area – I literally laughed out loud when I scrolled down on your first shot. Well done.

  • GeoKs

    What a great way to start Saturday! That first photo made me smile and put a little spring in my step. Thanks!

  • You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed them.

  • Thanks, Paul. It was one of those moments that I would have kicked myself for missing.

  • Thank you. I thought it was a bit of a reach at the time, but it ended up working out 🙂

  • I really couldn’t have asked for better timing on the first one. The situation just looks so ridiculous 🙂

  • With Black Friday weekend just ending, you’re so right. People are nuts for a sale!

  • Yep, it’s a mystery that I may or may not know the answer too 😉 Thanks, Jo.

  • Thanks, Babs. I’m glad we have that section. Those events are falling further into the past and we need these reminders for future generations.

  • Thanks, Mike. looking forward to the next one.

  • Yep, public servants are generally fair game. Candid shots of people are trickier. I was looking at your pics and thinking that you can probably re-use your first pic for next month’s Festive theme. Hand puppets are festive, right? 😉

  • the photograph of the guy under the deck with his legs sticking out – is cracking me the hell up!

  • Ha!!! Love that photo of the bloke under the fence. Not often you would stumble on a great poto opportunity like that.

  • That first shot is awesome! A great set of images to interpret the theme. Good thinking outside the box, too!

  • ReformingGeek

    Seconds after I read this…..

    Hee Hee. The footsteps were surely Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak.

  • This had me snaughling! Well done commentary & some dandy people stuff. (People are my achilles heel too)


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