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December Photo Challenge: Festive

And we’re back with another quintet of photos for December’s Photo Challenge. This is the last challenge of the year unless someone tacked on another month without telling me. That would be crazy. This month’s theme is ‘Festive‘ which initially filled me with dread because all I could think of was 5 photos of Xmas lights. Or 5 xmas tress. Or 5 trees decorated in Xmas lights. Or, 5 photos of me getting drunk. No. Something had to be done. “Think!”, I said to myself.

So I took some photos of Xmas lights.

1. Mont Royal Boulevard all festive and done up for Xmas. People shiver and trudge through the snow while I take photos from my cozy perch in a totally non-voyeuristic or creepy way.
mont royal boulevard xmas lights

2. Orange Cone Festival. Montreal has a lot of festivals in the summer, but one festival runs 365 days a year. Some people refer to it as the Orange Cone Festival while others simply call it “Fucking Roadwork”. This time the main act is a broken water main in a snow storm.  Just look at all those cones! What show offs.
water main break montreal orange cones

3. Antique Keg. We visited an old blacksmith shop in Christieville, Quebec over the weekend and this old keg was on display. It’s been long since tapped out, but festive times were sure to have been had back in them days.
antique keg christieville

4. Christmas Lights. Just a regular everyday evergreen dressed up in snow and lights.

5.  Notre Dame Cathedral. Altogether imposing and discretely festive. Check them angels.

Now go link up over at PJ.’s and see who else participated. Happy New Year, y’all!

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  • The first photo looks just like a Christmas card. At least you have the Christmas snow.

  • Orange cone festival – that cracked me up.

    Yeah we would like to see snow or rain or some kind of water that falls from the sky. CA is suffering from the drought. Rain, rain, please come our way!

  • Why does that keg thing look sort of obscene to me? Great photos!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    When you say “we” visited some kind of beer thingy, do you mean “we” in the royal sense, or were you with somebody? Who?

    Oh, nice photos. I think I like the Mont Royal Boulevard one best. I have a thing for stalker photos.

  • Lisa

    I found myself wanting more of your interpretation of festive! Love the antique keg rationale. the Orange Barrel Festival really made me laugh. We have that festival here as well!

  • jo W

    Montreal is gorgeous in the winter …. fabulous shots, i love the Mont Royal Boulevard shot! and the orange cone festival …. hilarious!!!

  • ReformingGeek

    Ah, very nice! Beautiful lights. Those dang orange cones are full of themselves, aren’t they? Sheesh!

  • Very nice job as always…I love everything about Christmas lights. I personally think little twinkling lights need to be put out all year but then I guess they would become dull and boring.

    The roadwork picture made me cringe…OMG is there anything worse than road construction..oh yeah..road construction in a snow storm.

    Have a great New Year, Mike!!

  • Yep, no denying that it was a white Xmas. Now if only we could do something about the cold 😉

  • Drought?? Yikes. I hope you get some rain soon.

  • Thanks, Linda, I think the only thing weird about that keg is that it wasn’t pouring drinks 🙂

  • Thanks, Mike. I was in the country for a few days with friends, so no, that wasn’t a royal ‘we’ 😉

  • Thanks, Lisa. These days, that festival is pretty international in scope. Glad you liked the shots 🙂

  • Ha, it’s hilarious as long as you don’t live on that stretch of road. It’s been closed for a month now. major nuisance for the residents.

  • Seriously, right? They think they own the road 😉

  • Thanks, Cheryl, and a happy new year to you too 🙂

  • Your shots are always wonderful. The tree over the snow is fascinating… and the cone shot really could be on any magazine cover… striking!

  • Paul

    Great story to go along with those festive cones. A broken water main could lead to more ice, just what you need.

  • Smiled through the entire post so that must mean something. Great shots, Mike. I love the way you see the world, even those cones of hell.

  • I love the descriptions as much as the photographs. The first one was lovely, the last one dramatic. And I love drama. Just ask my husband. I’m a big fan of “Fucking Roadwork.”

  • You really do make this a fun stop when going through everybody who links up, Mike. In my many trips to Montreal, I’ve visited the Orange Cone Festival several times. It’s popular in the states, too, especially in Pennsylvania.

  • GeoKs

    Hello from more western parts of Canada…it seems that I missed the lesson when they talked about orange cones being a national symbol!

    Good job interpreting the theme so many different ways. I especially like the way the age and history of the beer keg comes through.

  • Thanks, Katherine. Now I’m going to go see if “Modern Pothole” needs any fresh content 😉

  • Thankfully the water main was shut off and brought under control. It’s still not repaired though, even a month later.

  • Thanks, Cheryl. Construction cones get such a bad rap. After all, they’re just the messengers, right?

  • Thanks, P.J. We’ve all seen the roadwork so you know that all you can really do is laugh at some point.

  • Thanks, Lauren. As we all know, roadwork is nothing to get mad about as long as you’re not caught in it.

  • Thanks, GeoKs. I’m thinking that the orange cone should replace the maple leaf on our flag. What do you think?

  • All good photos for the challenge, and my favorite is the snow-covered Christmas tree. So pretty!


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