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January Photo Challenge: New

Well, another month has passed and it’s time to post another batch of photos for P.J.’s Monthly Photo Challenge. The theme for January 2014 is New, and I have nothing. All month. In fact, looking through the the last 31 days of photos on my phone and camera, I’m inclined to agree with my last sentence.  So my interpretation of New is going to be a bit of a stretch and I have no one to blame but myself.  And P.J., because the law of the Internet states that if you are the host of any kind of blog challenge, you are to blame. For everything. (Ask Nicky about this tomorrow).

1. Marketing – Just because they say it’s New, doesn’t mean it’s any better than the rest. Is it really better than the old one? Will the old detergent break my washing machine? No, I am not swayed by your marketing, marketing people! What? It’s on sale?? I’ll take 10 of them.

2. New Toys – I picked up an e-reader in January and decided on the Kobo Aura HD (because Amazon hates Canada) As a person who often has 4 books going at once, it’s super convenient to be able to carry them all in one little device. It totally changed my life. * sobs * Also, no more getting crushed when falling asleep reading huge leathery tomes. And, most importantly, no more embarrassing moments when trying to unfold my huge Atlas on crowded public transit. I’m sorry, society!

3. A delicious bowl of NEWdles – Look, I said I had nothing. This is more proof. Stop looking at me like that.

 4. What does this have to do with ‘New’? – I know I took this photo with New in mind but for the life of me I can’t remember the link. Was it a new day? Was it my first time here? Was one of these strangers wearing new skates? How would I know that, and why would I care? So many questions and no answers. Not a single one.
5 – New Snow Blows – It had just snowed some fresh new snow and suddenly there was a localized white out of blowing snow. Since I couldn’t see a thing when I took this picture, I only realized afterwards that I took a picture of a girl in a blizzard taking a picture of a blizzard. To complete the concept, I wonder if anyone was also taking a picture of me taking a picture of someone taking a picture. Wow.

Now go see who else linked up over at P.J.’s blog. We are officially done for another month. No wait. Apparently something horribly awful is starting tomorrow. See you then…or not!

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  • Well, I think your interpretation of ‘New’ is excellent and I love the newdles 🙂

  • Lisa

    LOL! Newdles!? That’s great. And *new* is a stealth marketing term. It could mean new packaging, new logo, etc. One just never knows. 🙂 I liked all your new possibilities.

  • Those aren’t lame, Mike. Their great. And in that last shot I think you caught something very, very rare – a phone booth!

  • These are really wonderful. The noodle soup… is that Pho? I LOVE the Pho restaurant near us. The grocery shot was done really well… the angle is excellent.

    For xmas I got a Nook and I LOVE it…. but I have yet to read a book on it! 🙂

  • The Snow Blows image is my fav.
    See ya tomorrow at the WWFC clubhouse ~

  • You claim to be unprepared but your photos are always so interesting. I don’t know what your thought was for “new” on the ice skating picture but it is a great pic. AND that snow storm shot…awesome. Newdles….hahaha.

    Amazon doesn’t like Canadians???? Who doesn’t love Canadians???? I will try to work this out for you as I love Amazon and I love Canada. You guys need to become BFFs.

    I hadn’t heard of Kobo Aura. I looked at the specs and it seems similar to the Paper white Kindle. I rarely use my Kindle anymore. Now that Kindle is delivered to my Ipad, it seems easier just to haul that around. I still use the Kindle for ordering books though.

  • Yeah, the thing about the Kindle is that you can’t use it to connect to Canadian libraries through Overdrive. This is why I say that Amazon hates us. Overall, the Kindle is a more closed system than the Kobo, which was the deciding factor for me. Amazon is great in other areas, just not in that particular one.

  • Thanks, Tami. Already feeling the pressure and it’s only Day 1 🙂

  • Yes, it is definitely Pho! This place is close to my office so it comes to the rescue if I didn’t bring a lunch 🙂

  • Thanks, Noname. I hadn’t even considered the oddness of the phone booth. Pretty soon they’ll disappear completely.

  • Thanks, Lisa. Using “New” in marketing has been a favorite tactic of marketers for eons. Nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to the goods we buy.

  • Thanks Babs. I like them too. They’re tasty 🙂

  • Paul

    On the TV show “All in the Family,” Meathead summed it up perfectly in one episode. “What is it with all the products being New and Improved? What? Were the old ones ‘Old and Lousy’?”

  • jo W

    I adore your sense of haha … your take on “new” is fab … and i have decided (i do that sometimes) that you must have been shooting the “new” sky in the ice rink shot … yes, that must be it 😉


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