And I Just Realized I Didn’t Even Give It A Title

my front yard

It’s depressing, but it actually looks better than it did before.

Have you ever had one of those days that you just know people are never going to believe?

I awoke this morning to discover that a meteor had fallen into my front yard. There were swarms of people in hazmat suits walking around it, measuring, poking, scraping. Some of my neighbours had gathered to watch what they were doing, but then local police showed up to cordon the area off.

It wasn’t long after, the army showed up.

I was instructed to go about my business as usual by two extremely polite Canadian armed soldiers. And when I say armed, I mean they had arms. And by arms, I mean the appendages that hang down off their shoulders and end with fingers.

So I promptly ignored them and went into my front yard.

Which is when I noticed a peculiar green fog coming off the meteor and a very faint humming noise. After several minutes of this, that sucker started to make a whole bunch of noise and big bursts of green steam exploded upward and outward. Then it started to move. All the hazmat suits scattered like giant orange cockroaches after a light is turned on. I walked up closer to it. And then the top of it started to move.

Turned out, my meteor wasn’t really a meteor but rather, a spacecraft.

The growing crowd of bystanders started to panic. The local cops brought out the cases of two-four and started passing out beers to calm everyone down. The armed soldiers politely asked the meteor to please stop scaring everyone and why couldn’t we all just get along. Then they held hands and sang folk songs.

The top of that sucker slid back in one final angry cloud of green steam.

A dark figure started to climb out and people screamed. The cops broke out the Canadian Whiskey. I inched closer while the soldiers began a heartfelt rendition of O Canada! The steam started to clear and as my view of the strange visitor improved, I thought I recognized the tall lanky being. Turns out the spacecraft was actually a Honda.

It was CheesyMike.

“Dude, WTF?” I said. “Look what you did to my lawn!”

He brushed that aside. “Not important! The important thing is, I didn’t write a post today.”

“So?” I retorted. “What else is new?”

“NEITHER DID YOU!!” he yelled.

“I was going to write it early this morning. Before I went to work. Before you made me late with this ridiculous stunt. Seriously? You couldn’t have just picked up the phone?”

And that’s why I’m late this morning.

Yes, I made that whole story up.

I hit Off instead of Snooze.




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