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Since ‘Gouda’ as a prompt was entirely my fault, it seemed only fair that I write something. ANYTHING. And that’s what I’ve been muttering to myself all morning from beneath my safety blanket. “Write…..something…”

So I did.



1. Medium sized wedge of Gouda (Hell, buy the whole wheel if you want.)

1. Turn left at the first set of lights. If you’re walking, wait for the walk signal. Keep going until you reach a grocery store. Depending on where you live, this can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 1 year.

2. Once you’ve arrived, head over to the cheese section and look for “Gouda”. Choose the one that speaks to you. Do not overthink this step, since, if it took you a very long time to reach the grocery store, you will be starving. Head straight to the cashier and pay.

2a. Wrong. Do not visit the ice cream freezer. Ok, maybe just for a few minutes. Good. The butternut swirl will do. Now get back on track and pay for the cheese and the ice cream.

3. Go home. As per step #1, this will be either a brief or epic journey.

4. Head to the kitchen, unwrap the wedge of Gouda and place it on a clean plate.

5. With a sharp knife or cheese wire, slice of a piece of cheese and place in your mouth.

6. Savour.


This is Day 1 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Lots of other people of crazy enough to participate, so go see who else linked up.

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