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My Ears Are Ringing

How many times have you had this conversation?

“My ears are ringing.”

I can remember only a handful of very loud shows, shows that were so loud, that when we stumbled back out into the night, we were completely shell-shocked. Then later, being acutely aware of that ringing once my head hit the pillow in my quiet room. Too quiet now after a 3 hour barrage of whatever it was we had heard that night.

Ear plugs are great invention.

Not those cheap foam things from the pharmacy though. Those things are entirely useless, and I could only ever get one of them to stay in. Surely, I’m not the only one with mismatched ears, although I sure feel that way sometimes. Especially when I’m trying to get one of those foam earplugs to stay in my left ear.

Right. I was just telling you how those foam earplugs are terrible. They cut all of the highs, so you’re left with horribly muffled tones!

* throws them away *

Instead, I highly recommend a pair of Planet Waves Pacato ear plugs or something similar, which are great if you are going to a potentially loud concert and you still want to be able to hear it, without the added bonus of a ruptured drum. It’s true. These ear plugs cut the decibels by 12 give or take.

Earplugs are also great for the office since, even if you might not need them, people will avoid talking to you once they notice that you’re wearing them. Another added bonus!

Well. Looks like that’s 2 days in a row for me. This prompt was my fault and I take full responsibility for it, while not feeling all that guilty about it.

lead gain ringing ears


Welcome to Day 15 of the Second Third Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt was My Ears Are Ringing and it was brought to you by former front man for Kenny G and Mr. Universe competitor , CheesyMike. Please click on the links below to visit the other people participating in this challenge. And tell them to answer the damn phone already.

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  • Cadeaux

    I never go anywhere. The closest I come to having to wear earplugs is when I get an MRI…and they give you them to shove into your ears. 🙁

    My blog sucks this time, btw. Sorry.

  • Who would have thought rock concerts in our youth would affect our hearing later on. Plus I worked in radio for 10 years and used to crank up my headphones. I still enjoy music but now I crank up my hearing aids to hear it.

  • Thanks for the tip on ear plugs. That will help next time we are gearing up for a concert. Now if we can find a venue with good acoustics.

  • ReformingGeek

    Haha! With the Texas Motor Speedway within earshot, I think I need some of those to work in my yard.

    Ok. It’s not that bad but for the one Indy race I attended there, I was glad to have those cheap ones.

  • About 15 years ago, a friend of mine’s husband was on tour with Def Leopard and they did a show in the Bay Area. She invited me and Alex to come with her. We sat with the “tech guys” who did the lighting and such and we all wore ear plugs. Good concert but the rocker wives and girlfriends were the best part of it.

  • Thanks for the info. I have always relied on the cheap pink earplugs….totally a waste.

  • I remember using toilet paper!!!

  • Linda, you were a groupie?

  • Just got off the road after a 12 hour day… with another one tomorrow just like it. I’ll catch up with everyone on Monday!

  • Good to know about the ear plugs. My ears ring all the time now. They are forever damaged from years of listening to loud rock music and surround sound television. I stopping deluding myself into thinking it was because I live in a quiet remote area.

    I had every intention of participating in this challenge but the first week of February was hell for me. I was in the emergency room with a urinary infection. My dad was in the emergency room because of fluid in his lungs. Someone hacked my webmail. My husband’s commissions were cut by 25%. So, I unplugged from the Internet.

    I still have catching up to do on the blog reading. I may even jump in for a day or two of writing prompts.

  • Oh yes, I am oh so familiar with that horrible ringing in your ears when quiet finally descends. I can never sleep and just lie there, listening to the ringing. It’s one of the few times when I can literally hear myself losing my mind.

  • KZ

    I remember during finals week, the professors would sometimes supply the whole class with foam earplugs. You feel more alone with your thoughts with those things in your ears for some reason. It was oddly distracting.

  • Oh I hate the ringing in the ears! It’s the worst. Thanks for the ear plug tip!


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