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Red Things and Exploding Brains

Today is the last day of February, aka the day we post things for P.J.’s monthly photo challenge. It is also the last day of Nicky’s (I keep saying I had nothing to do with it, but no one believes me) 28 Day Writing Challenge and today’s prompt for that is “And Then My Brain Exploded“.  Sure, why not kill 2 birds with one stone.

So I’ll link up to both challenges today.

This month’s theme is Red which sort of fits in with the whole brain exploding thing. OMG. * brain explodes *

Ok. Here are a bunch of red things:

Red graffiti in some alleyway. I wonder whose turf I’m on. Am I in trouble? If I hang around long enough, will I find trouble? Maybe it’s not even gang related. Can you figure out what it says? I cannot. It might have been easier if I had fit the entire graffiti in the shot:
graffiti red montreal

Red staircase – classic twisty Montreal staircase. In red!
red-staircase-montrealRed doorway – Gotta love the mustard yellow framing on this one. It’s so yellowy that the red looks orange against it. Lots of sun will do that too.


Red berries frozen in winter’s icy grip. Oh, Winter and your frozen tundra-y ways.

A red car – Get this: Yesterday, I decided that I’d go skiing this morning. So I reserved a car from Enterprise. As I’m heading over to the rental office, I think to myself, “it would be cool if I got a red car just so that I’ll have something for photo #5…” Well guess what? I ended up with a red car and that’s when my brain exploded. I also got unlimited mileage, and a car with Ontario plates.  Look how shiny it is:

red car montreal

So the writing challenge is done and we’re done for another month of photos. Go have a look at what everyone else posted or wrote.

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