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Good morning! It’s CheesyMike sitting in again for Nicky. Hey, is our font really small? I suddenly think I need glasses.


Things had gone bad at the office, politically, and I was caught in the middle. I couldn’t pick a side and yet, I had to please them all, or suffer some unknown wrath. Whose ideology should I adhere to? Who’s project should I place more importance on? There was no right answer, and it was awful to know that.

It was sickening.

I was alone and there was no one to turn to.

I feared sleep since I would only dream about my waking nightmare of a life. What was the point? I prayed that they would just fire me and get it over with. Put me out of my misery!

And then, it was the cruelest of jokes.

The high importance item in my Inbox.

My boss wanted to be my friend on Facebook.

I suddenly realized that I was screaming.


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Welcome to Day 25 of the Second Third Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt was Social Media and it was brought to you by Comedy Central Sit-Down PunnyMan of the Year, Dufus!

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