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Good morning! It’s CheesyMike sitting in again for Nicky. Hey, is our font really small? I suddenly think I need glasses.


Things had gone bad at the office, politically, and I was caught in the middle. I couldn’t pick a side and yet, I had to please them all, or suffer some unknown wrath. Whose ideology should I adhere to? Who’s project should I place more importance on? There was no right answer, and it was awful to know that.

It was sickening.

I was alone and there was no one to turn to.

I feared sleep since I would only dream about my waking nightmare of a life. What was the point? I prayed that they would just fire me and get it over with. Put me out of my misery!

And then, it was the cruelest of jokes.

The high importance item in my Inbox.

My boss wanted to be my friend on Facebook.

I suddenly realized that I was screaming.


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Welcome to Day 25 of the Second Third Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt was Social Media and it was brought to you by Comedy Central Sit-Down PunnyMan of the Year, Dufus!

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  • I came up with this? Jesus H., you’d think I could have done better than this. Nice post, Mike. I follow my kids on Facebook. Always feel like I’m stalking them.

    Speaking of social media, so where did you hide the linky dinky thingy today.

  • It’s there now, mon ami. Sorry about that!

  • Dude, you’re on Facebook? Why didn’t you tell me? *sends friend request*

  • Cadeaux

    Wow. I just added my link…and then it told me it was there already. You guys are good! I’m impressed. How’d you do that?

  • No way! That just happened to me! I got a friend request from my big boss. I am pretending I didn’t see it…. And inwardly I am saying, “oh HELLLLLL NO!”

  • I’m grateful my former boss never sent me an invitation to be friends on Facebook. Defriending him when he closed the company for his own selfish needs would have been extremely awkward. I’d have done it but it would have been harder than it was to block him on all the other social media sites we had in common for business.

  • ReformingGeek

    That is definitely a nightmare. I would not want be friends on FB with most of my former bosses!

  • I’ve had a few friend requests from people I don’t know. While I see we have mutual friends…I don’t anything about the requester and don’t accept.

  • Nightmare for sure. I get an occasional request that I ignore on FB but I have the glory of telling everyone that I rarely open my FB account which is the truth. There is no advantage to being my friend. It would just be another way to be ignored.

  • KZ

    That’s definitely a losing situation. I have found myself under similar circumstances, but my involuntary politeness and my propensity for wussing out always lead me to hitting the “Accept” button.

  • True story, my boss keeps asking me to help him do things on Facebook. He doesn’t know how to update his status, he doesn’t know how to comment, or what not to click on. He keeps getting ads for dating sites, and he keeps clicking on the ads and then yells for me to come into his office and get rid of the scantily clad ladies on his computer.

    I need a new job.

  • * ignores friend request *

  • Yep, mixing those two worlds together can never be a good thing.

  • I guess it’s a skill we didn’t know we had. Maybe.

  • Facebook is a stalking machine. I think we all love to hate it to some degree.

  • There are some thing that are just harder to undo. Facebook was built on that principle, which is one of the reasons why it’s used so widely.

  • I agree very strongly with this.

  • Same here. Some are in it mainly to collect ‘friends’.

  • Ha. I’d have to agree with this. I keep ‘trying’ to use Facebook, but it’s never become a habit, so my profile tends to languish for weeks or months at a time.

  • Sometimes one needs to stand firm and not press that accept button!

  • This is awful. It sounds like your boss doesn’t know how to internet at all.


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