The Answer Remains The Same

fire, brimstone, devil

It doesn’t seem to have started snowing yet…

I admit I had a bit of trouble with this one. Odd, considering I went to the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over Tour in 1994. I could have told you about that, except that it isn’t a very interesting story. I went with my ex-husband, who wasn’t an ex yet. It was enjoyable. The End. See? Not much there. So I started thinking about things I would only do ‘when Hell freezes over’. And I realized that various people have asked me various questions at various times in my life where that should have been my ‘go to’ answer. Things like:

When are you going to…

  • Buy Kraft Dinner?
  • Have enough shoes?
  • Dye your hair blonde?
  • Obey the speed limit?
  • Do what I tell you?
  • Stop being like that?
  • Retire?
  • Admit you were wrong?
  • Follow the rules?
  • Play nice with others?
  • Tell me your secret?
  • Cut me some slack?
  • Do the crossword in pencil?
  • Slow down?
  • Put down the computer?
  • Use Kraft singles to make grilled cheese sandwiches?
  • Just walk past a crooked picture?
  • Forgive me?
  • Just try it? I swear you’ll like it.
  • Host another challenge?

Dammit. The answer actually changed for that last one.




Welcome to Day 4 of the Second Third Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt was When Hell Freezes Over and it was brought to you by the awesome vocal stylings of Screaming MeMe. Please click on the links below to visit the other people participating in this challenge. The ones who swore they’d only do this when… well, you know. Is it cold in here or is it just me?

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  • Hey, I put up a list too. A different one though.

  • Cadeaux

    I won’t ask you anything today! I swear! 🙂

  • frankleemeidere

    “When are you going to stop having blogging challenges?”

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • ReformingGeek

    Hee Hee. It must be list day. Great minds think alike. At least that was Evil Twin tells me.

  • Great list! I’m glad that visit my blogging friends in Virginia wasn’t on it!

  • Oh and you make some kinda high class grilled cheese sandwich?

  • If I didn’t know you any better, I’d say you have a “personal” thing against Kraft. I mean, what the hell ELSE do you use for grilled cheese sandwiches?

  • Actual cheese. 🙂

  • Hey, Kraft is a step up from Velveeta for grilled cheese!

  • That’s an impressive list! I’m not quite the cheese connoisseur you are. I still use Kraft cheese, but NOT the singles, for grilled cheese sandwiches. That said, I do like lots of different cheeses, especially a really super extra sharp Cheddar.

  • Darn it… Now I want to know your secret!!!

  • That is a great list. You would think that the people that know you, would know not to ask those questions.

  • Most excellent list, Nicky!!

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  • I don’t get people who ask questions like that. If you already know the answer, you might as well not ask at all. Like, just the other day M asked me when I want to go visit his parents. I laughed. And then I laughed some more.

  • Actually I kind of remember a glowing e-mail thanking me for reminding you to host this challenge again. You even sent smiley faces and giggles. I remember it. There was nothing about hell. And definitely nothing about it freezing over…


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