Photo Challenges

Photo Challenge: One

I don’t know where the last month went, but it went, and it went by fast! As the month of March came to a snow covered end, I also realized that I hadn’t taken a single photo with P.J.’s March Photo Challenge in mind. Well, maybe I did, subconsciously, so I’ll just shut up about it already and post some photos. This month’s theme: One

1. One day, Spring will come.  These tulips were lucky enough to be planted in front of a dryer vent. They want Spring too, and they want it bad:
tulips snow

2. One more day in the snow: Some people actually like the snow. Like this person:
snow cat

3. One freaky strawberry. What else can you say about this?

4. One more ski day. I magically timed a day off with a day after Smugglers Notch received 20 inches of snow. Yes. 20 inches.:
smugglers notch view

5. Here’s one thing you can do if you have a room full of random metal parts and springs: Build a pig:
recycled metal pig

And that’s it! We’ve come to the end of another month. Now head on over to P.J.’s to see who else linked up.

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