The Post I Nearly Forgot About

30M2DoW tee shirtIn my last post of the 30M2 DoW challenge, I completely forgot to tell you all to come back here today so you could watch the traditional picking of the names video. Sigh. Well, while operating heavy machinery may be out of the question, hopefully some of you have sobered up enough to use a computer. In any case, here’s the video. Enjoy!




Congratulations to the winners! And thanks again to all who participated and did not kill us. We appreciate it.

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  • Cadeaux

    Hi, Nicky! I always wondered what you looked like. I knew what your feet looked like. You should have been modeling shoes. 😉

    Congratulations, winners! 🙂

  • I won? Hell, I never win anything. Nothing. My life’s a huge bore. No one knows I exist. UNTIL NOW!!! (Unless there were like 8 pieces of paper in that bowl with my name on them.)Thanks, Nicky. This is elfin’ great.

  • Now you can’t say you never win anything because hello free T-shirt! Don’t you just hate auto-correct? I think this win was more effin than elfin great!

  • ReformingGeek

    You’re sexy when you talk to Dufus like that. 😉

    Awesome. Thanks for hosting and for the give-away!

  • Yeah, I saw that. I wasn’t gonna say anything.

  • I just watched the video, and I am thrilled to win! Thank you for hosting this awesome challenge, and the give-away.

  • I didn’t win, again! Oh, wait. I didn’t take part. Two worthy winners though.

  • Congratulations, Dufus and Linda!!!

  • Woot woot to the winners! Is that a wookie in the background?

  • You have the voice and looks for tv and radio!!!! You are a beautiful speaker. And when you spoke French … Awesome!

    Congrats to the winners!

    I plan to order a shirt… Will it be too late to order one this weekend?

  • Congrats Linda and Dufus! And thank you Nicky for doing the challenge again this year. I know I only contributed four posts, but those are probably four I wouldn’t have gotten written otherwise. Big hugs!

  • Thank you Katherine, but really? For tv?! Maybe the Comedy Network! 🙂
    I think you should be okay to order by the weekend.

  • You are so freaking adorable I want to marry you. And congratulations to Dufus and Linda.

  • You are so sexy when you speak French. And English. And when you just sit there. You’re sexy pretty much just existing.

    Congratulations Dufus and Linda!

  • NathanaelV

    Yay Linda and Dufus! 🙂 Congrats to all you fine writers too!

  • Congrats, Linda & Dufus! (Warning: I think NIcky may just be trying to find out where you live so she can stalk you next February.)


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