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April Photo Challenge: Smile

It’s the end of another month which calls for another quintet of photos for P.J.’s Monthly Photo Challenge. This month’s theme is “Smile”.

“That’ll be easy!”, thought I. After all, spring is here and lots of people will be out and about flashing their smiles in the glorious sun as it warms their pasty arms and legs. Well, I was wrong about that since Winter appears to have only just ended.

About an hour ago.

So anyway, since no one smiled at all, all month, here are some things that made/ make me smile.

1. Random Horse Graffiti. Spotted this little guy hanging out on the corner of the old National Quebec Library. What does it mean? Discuss.

horse graffiti

2. Leftover Bridges – The old CN Port Bridge used to pivot back in those heady industrialized days of the Lachine Canal, but it’s clearly no longer in operation. I like this bridge and therefore it’s smile worthy. The canal itself is being revitalized and all kinds of nasty mysteries have been dredged from its murky waters. Murder! Intrigue! Silt!

lachine canal train bridge

3. More Sneer than Smile – This is one of two new statues by Marc André Jacques Fortier which have been recently installed in Place d’Armes . He stands with an air of condescension, nose pointed skyward. He also holds an English Pug in one arm. It means something. At the moment, I do not know what that is.

smirk english pug statue Marc André Jacques Fortier


4. Rat’s Eye View – No, there weren’t actually any rats, but the streets were deserted and I like cobblestones. Therefore = smile.

no rats cobblestone street

5. The Poke – Everyone loves swinging on a swing. These particular swings make strange musical sounds as you swing to and fro. It’s like having your own personal circus, which = smile. Unless the circus brings back traumatic clown memories, in which case = frown.

poke urban swings balancoires montreal quartier des spectacles

That is all.  Now go see who else participated over at P.J.’s



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