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June 2014 Photo Challenge: Vehicles

It’s another month and therefore another attempt at stretching P.J’s monthly theme thanks to a complete lack of preparedness on my part. So, this month’s theme is Vehicles. Here’s what we have:

1. Rail crossing in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu – notice the complete absence of vehicles. (yes, there’s the roof of a car peeking out there on the left). Still. let’s dedicate this photo to trains and cars and other vehicles that converge at this spot.

St-Jean-sur-richelieu train crossing

2. The Sofa – Here’s a photo of a sofa, which is the perfect vehicle for taking naps on.
calico cat couch sleep

3. Eglise Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts – Houses of worship are vehicles for all kinds of things. Name your thing:
ste-agathe-des-monts eglise

4. Lawn Mower – This guy will be spending his summer mowing, mowing, mowing.
tractor mowing vermont

5. Whiskers – Cats are vehicles for all kinds of parasites, right? Well, maybe. This might have been a stretch.
long whiskers gray cat

I am now so late for work, so go. Go see who else linked up.

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  • Lisa

    Love it…especially the vehicle for napping. That shot of the cat’s whiskers is very creative…even though you think it’s a stretch! 🙂

  • I had to look hard to see the lawn mower. That is a lot of grass to mow 😉

  • Great photos and I love how you worked the cats in there. Is that gorgeous cat on the sofa yours? I’m thankful I don’t have that much grass to mow, or pay for someone to mow it.

  • ReformingGeek

    Ah, the purr babies are adorable as vehicles or using vehicles. I really like that church photo, too.

  • adairmd

    Love the photos. I really like the church photo.

  • Mike Davis

    I love your take.The couch made me laugh out loud. The mower too.

  • These are wonderful! Especially loved the couch photo. Is that your cat? What a beauty!

  • GeoKs

    Wonderfully original take on theme. Gotta wonder where you were to get the bird’s eye view of the guy on the mower…in a tree? Sky-diving? Maybe on a roadside pullout? I hope, for his sake, the guy’s not allergic to grass.

  • Thanks Lisa, I had to work those whiskers in somehow.

  • It is, and he’d only just started. So yeah, eternal mowing.

  • Thanks GeoKs. The view is from the top of Mount Philo in Vermont. It’s more of a hill at under 1000ft but it’s the only around so the views are spectacular:

  • Thanks Jayne. The cat is the local community cat that’s been visiting me for over 4 years. It’s really her couch at this point 😉

  • Thanks Linda. Nope, that cat has been visiting me for years. You may recognize her from other photos I’ve posted here before. She’s just in her extreme furball phase 😉

  • Thanks adairmd.

  • Thanks Mike.

  • Thanks Ref.

  • Nice pics, Mike. We just sent our cat off to Montreal to live with my stepson. Maybe he’ll meet up with your little friend.

  • The cat vehicle… LOVE it!

  • Ha! Nice job, Mike. Talk about taking a different approach to vehicle! And that guy may be mowing ALL summer!

  • Beautiful pictures!


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