About WWFC

Who are we?


Mike studied electro-technology in college.  After graduation, he spent 45 minutes explaining why he couldn’t fix a VCR.  He also studied in computer sciences.  Luckily, after graduation he was able to fix a computer.  In his spare time, he boxes, cycles and plays guitar.  Simultaneously.   With a Seinfeldian outlook on life, he has an eye for the absurd.  In true Libran character, he is easy-going and indecisive.  Which means he just can’t finish a sentence.


Nicky, despite the spelling of the name, is a girl.  She did not study electro-technology in college.  She works in marketing.  She owns 3 kids, all boys, and has resigned herself to a life of “up” toilet seats.  She has no spare time.  An Aquarian, she is honest and independent.  She has the reputation, and takes ownership, of being blunt and sarcastic.  Which means, she will, eventually, hurt your feelings.  Suck it up.

What are we about anyway?

We’re about rants and observations. Reviews and outlooks. Anything and everything, and nothing at all. And cheese. We don’t even think we should be justifying ourselves.

What aren’t we about?

Not much, but you won’t find us regurgitating the daily news. Unless it has to do with cheese. If it’s about cheese, it’s fit to print. And eat.


If you’d like to contact us, or even suggest a cheese you’d like us to review, you can do so at:

weworkforcheese at gmail dot com



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