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chimp opus


  A series of events led me to reopen the random thoughts file. First, I have a new job. Second, I read them again and they are fucking hilarious. Turd, I like to say turd. It’s gonna be tough to find a new way to number my thoughts without numbers. It’s like fingering without a […]

sad woman, cry, black and white

It’s Time To Play Guess That Pill

Hi there. Nicky here. I know it says that this post is by Jepeto, and it will be. I’d hate to disappoint everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for us in the blog makeover contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. That honour goes to Danielle of Salmon Like The […]

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I’m back baby! Yes! Like with all events in my life, I am thrust into the spotlight by default. It has been a long time since I posted here. Let’s take a quick look back at my invaluable contribution to WWFC: I bitched on Braveheart’s Philippe My first English word learned was fuck I created […]

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Tales From The Cage

I was minding my own bizness in my golden cage. Scratching, eating bananas, that kind of shit. I then remembered i had one phone call i could make. (Caging rules are too exhaustive to explain). I WANT MY PHONE CALL! i yelled . So i did the obvious, i phoned my publicist, Tatiana Bitchakova. – […]

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Random Thoughts Not So Random After All

Yeah yeah yeah! Random thoughts are back. No numbers. No, no. Girlfriend stubborn and angry. Esperanto will be my next trick. Unu) It’s been more than a month now that I am jobless. Am I better? Yep. But I left a well compensated job for volunteering. Oh I am not going to build homes in […]


Get Drunk

The smegma cheese fiasco is almost over. I have scarred some of you for life, which, I admit, brings a smile to my tired face. So here’s something more, um, acceptable I guess, by social standards. Charles Baudelaire’s Énivrez-vous!  has always lifted my spirits. And I promised to post it for a special Chica who threatened […]

They look delicious, don't they?

Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed…

…except for death, taxes and Jepeto’s manic ramblings. Nein Random Thoughts Eins) Easiest way to get out of a depression: move above sea level. Zwei) I pay taxes. A shitload of ‘em. Health tax for healthcare. School tax for schools. Property taxes for my city’s infrastructures. Gas taxes for pollution (I guess). Taxes to drive, […]

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Yeah, I’m Not Gettin’ Any

Written numbers, numerals…can’t fool my love anymore. Gotta code my thoughts. I wanted to call Dan Brown to help me, but I had a brilliant idea. Morse code. Is this the first Morse code post in the world? If you concentrate and listen you might hear my thoughts. After the famous Philadelphia experiment, here is […]

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Blogging In Body Armour

Wow. I am finally out of the hospital. My girlfriend beat the shit outta me for writing with numbers, though technically they are not numbers (Ouch! Quit it!). Alright, I am better now. Tired. No more surprises, honey, I promise. XV IX Random Thoughts I) Seriously. How can you be a beaten man? I know […]


And Like Genital Warts….He’s Back!

My girlfriend (hehe, love you baby) asked me why I numbered each entry in my last post “15 random thoughts”. I like Elliotte Friedman’s blog on hockey, he’s got 30 random thoughts. Anyway, my sweet love says that it looks stooopid to write in the numbers. Alright, no more numbers. Fifteen Random Thoughts One) My […]

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15 Random Thoughts

1) My girlfriend is starting to move a little when we have sex…I even heard a little “humph” I think. You know what that means? Yeah baby, it means it’s almost spring!!!! Fuck that pawtuckett racoon or critter or whatever it is who predicts the weather! 2) Another sign that spring is coming: I had […]

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He Apologizes In Advance…

It’s time once again for guest blogger Jepeto’s take on life.  He is actually quite unapologetic, but we apologize on his behalf.  Jepeto spent seven years in Haiti, and after the earthquake we asked him if he wanted to write something about it.  In a rare moment of sobriety, he said he found it difficult […]


Win The Ultimate Cheese!

Due to the overwhelming numbers of comments in my last post, I offer you fans a way to win my most prized possession: A Munster that Vercingetorix carried under his armpit in the battle of Alesia (drooling…mmmm). But you must be worthy of it! I won’t give away the Holy Grail of Cheese to punks! The […]


2010 Resolutions

For our 2010 resolutions post, we’ve decided to do something different, crazy, and completely irresponsible: We’re letting our resident Guest Blogger Jepeto have the honors. (The resolutions expressed below are those of the guest blogger and in no way represent the collective resolutions of WWFC) 2010 Resolutions (not actually 2010 resolutions, idiots, just 8 that […]


I Am Skilled in the Art of Blogging in Thine Language, Sire

“Who is that person who speaks to me as tho I needed his advice?” “I have declared Philip my High Councilor” “Is he qualified?” The impudent Councilor opens his mouth… “I am skilled in the arts of war and military tactics, Sire” “Are you? …then tell me, what advice would you offer on the present […]



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