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September Photo Challenge: Black and White

It’s literally been months since we’ve participated in P.J.s monthly photo challenge. In fact, it’s been that long since I’ve even logged into WordPress. Did you know that WordPress is now up to version 4.0? It happened while we were away. Also, there were like 50 million plugins to update as well upon logging in […]


June 2014 Photo Challenge: Vehicles

It’s another month and therefore another attempt at stretching P.J’s monthly theme thanks to a complete lack of preparedness on my part. So, this month’s theme is Vehicles. Here’s what we have: 1. Rail crossing in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu – notice the complete absence of vehicles. (yes, there’s the roof of a car peeking out there on […]


May Photo Challenge: Fun

This is my latest submission ever to P.J.’s monthly photo challenge, but hopefully the linky thing hasn’t expired and I can still squeeze in my 5 for the month. This month’s theme is “Fun”, and I was hard pressed to find fun photos since I barely took out my camera at all this month. In […]

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April Photo Challenge: Smile

It’s the end of another month which calls for another quintet of photos for P.J.’s Monthly Photo Challenge. This month’s theme is “Smile”. “That’ll be easy!”, thought I. After all, spring is here and lots of people will be out and about flashing their smiles in the glorious sun as it warms their pasty arms […]


Photo Challenge: One

I don’t know where the last month went, but it went, and it went by fast! As the month of March came to a snow covered end, I also realized that I hadn’t taken a single photo with P.J.’s March Photo Challenge in mind. Well, maybe I did, subconsciously, so I’ll just shut up about […]


Red Things and Exploding Brains

Today is the last day of February, aka the day we post things for P.J.’s monthly photo challenge. It is also the last day of Nicky’s (I keep saying I had nothing to do with it, but no one believes me) 28 Day Writing Challenge and today’s prompt for that is “And Then My Brain […]


Social Media

Good morning! It’s CheesyMike sitting in again for Nicky. Hey, is our font really small? I suddenly think I need glasses. ### Things had gone bad at the office, politically, and I was caught in the middle. I couldn’t pick a side and yet, I had to please them all, or suffer some unknown wrath. […]


Tastes Like Chicken

Good morning. Nicky’s not here today, so you’re stuck with me. Contrary to what she told you the other day, I will not be wearing any such little red backless number. I might however, be wearing my best sundress. Awfully and terribly. The craziest thing about today’s prompt was that I wasn’t going to write […]

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Shakepearean English: A Song of Love

What good is Shakespearean English without a little Iambic Pentameter thrown in? —————————————————– Lover Losteth, Then Found – by CheesyMikespeare mineth lover, i seeketh to findeth whence thou wilt lay through dark i track thy scent through dim lit streets and when i doeth, thy price i’ll glady pay to worship thou amongst thy carnal […]


My Ears Are Ringing

How many times have you had this conversation? “My ears are ringing.” “What?” I can remember only a handful of very loud shows, shows that were so loud, that when we stumbled back out into the night, we were completely shell-shocked. Then later, being acutely aware of that ringing once my head hit the pillow […]

Identified Flying Object

I Haven’t Been To Roswell

Hello. My name is Mike aka CheesyMike. I don’t think I’ve been to Roswell, but you know, the memory’s a funny thing. Our brains lie to us all the time. Yes, our brains are liars. Pathological liars even, but that’s a whole other prompt (see Day 18). I’ve been away. I’m just not entirely sure […]



Since ‘Gouda’ as a prompt was entirely my fault, it seemed only fair that I write something. ANYTHING. And that’s what I’ve been muttering to myself all morning from beneath my safety blanket. “Write…..something…” So I did. —————————————— Gouda Ingredients 1. Medium sized wedge of Gouda (Hell, buy the whole wheel if you want.) Directions […]


January Photo Challenge: New

Well, another month has passed and it’s time to post another batch of photos for P.J.’s Monthly Photo Challenge. The theme for January 2014 is New, and I have nothing. All month. In fact, looking through the the last 31 days of photos on my phone and camera, I’m inclined to agree with my last […]


December Photo Challenge: Festive

And we’re back with another quintet of photos for December’s Photo Challenge. This is the last challenge of the year unless someone tacked on another month without telling me. That would be crazy. This month’s theme is ‘Festive‘ which initially filled me with dread because all I could think of was 5 photos of Xmas […]


November Photo Challenge: People

Another month has just about bitten the dust which means that it’s already time to submit some photos for P.J.’s monthly photo challenge. This month’s theme is “People” and I have to admit that taking pictures of people is a huge challenge for me. On one hand, there’s the issue of privacy and posting photos […]



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