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The Girl With The Prickly Mustache

I have an exciting announcement that I just had to share with you all. I’ve started writing a novel. I wasn’t going to, but then a dear friend urged me to. He even suggested a storyline that I could totally see myself developing into a really gripping mystery. The main character is a brilliant but […]


It’s A Book Review. You Got A Problem With That?

A friend of mine recently lent me Tyler Knox’s Kockroach to read for the sole purpose that it’s full of 1940’s lingo. He said I’d dig it for that reason alone and he was right. It’s the kind of book where everybody talks like dis, see? The book is about dis here cockroach called ‘Kockroach’. […]


Beware Of Severed Woodchucks

I have been a Stephen King fan since I first read Salem’s Lot when I was 14 years old.  I think that I have read every one of his books, although to be honest, I’m not 100% sure because there are just so damn many of them! ( lists over 1,000 titles) So, of course, […]

The Road

Book Review: The Road

I read Cormack McCarthy‘s The Road many weeks ago, or was it months ago? Either way, it’s been so freaking long since I read it that I may as well have never read it at all. That’s just the kind of memory I have. Not a very promising way to start a review, huh? Well, […]



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