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To Kane, Always

  When you were little, you told me you wanted to be an astronaut and an architect when you grew up. I asked why two careers, and you explained that you really wanted to go to the moon but after you got there, you wanted to be able to build us each a home so we would […]

And people wonder why I'm with him...

The Key To A Successful Relationship

That’s right, folks! I’m giving away free advice today and today only! As someone who used to date bums and losers almost exclusively until I finally found Mr. Right, I consider myself uniquely qualified to counsel couples. Yes, by Mr. Right, I mean Jepeto. No, I’m not joking. And it’s taken a lot of hard […]


Spring Break

My nineteen year old son, Jake, was on spring break a couple of weeks ago. Unlike so many teenage boys, Jake did not head south to some “Girls Gone Wild” destination. Mainly because his girlfriend would kick his ass if he did. But also because Jake is a serious, studious, responsible young man with a […]

chalkboard, chalk

It’s Time

Nicky. Nicky? The voice is gentle at first, but persistent. C’mon, girl, you’ve got to get up. It’s time. Nicky? Nicky! Less gentle now, much more persistent. I grab my pillow, lift it and bury my head beneath it in a pathetic attempt to silence that voice. The persistence turns to mockery. Idiot! As if […]

oakland train station, mother, grandmother, child, train platform, waiting for a train, california, san fransisco

Naked People, Foursomes And A Cat

Have you ever been to California? I hear some of you saying no. I hear some of you saying yes. Yes, I can hear blog people. It’s a gift. I also hear some of you telling me to get to the freaking point, already. Well the point, if you could all untwist your knickers for […]

mother and son, pier 39, fisherman's wharf, san fransisco, california

Going To California

In case you missed it on Facebook, my son Max and I spent the last week visiting the very lovely Linda Medrano and her husband Alex, in Alameda, California. Linda and Alex are two of the most wonderful, charming, generous people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Within minutes, they made us […]

Eye Of Sauron cat

Dobson’s Big Day

Man, what a week it’s been and it’s only Tuesday! Here at WWFC, one of the biggest challenges we face is keeping up with our overflowing mailbag. You wouldn’t believe it! Of course we get requests to review (and eat) all kinds of crazy cheeses and post delicious recipes, but oddly enough the majority of […]

toilet paper roll, tp, toilet paper dispenser

I Need Your Help

Ok, people. If ever there was a time to comment on a blog post, this would be the one. Because I am at the end of my rope. My family is being torn apart like a group of Crusading English Knights attempting to cross the path of a killer bunny. I just can’t take it […]

teenager, birthday crown, middle finger

Who’s Awesome? I’m Awesome!!

Hey losers who didn’t turn 18 this year! Guess why today should be a national holiday. Alright it’s already a national holiday, because December 6 is the National Day  of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Today is the birthday of someone famous. No it’s […]

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Can Somebody Please Tell Me…

I’ve been really busy lately. Busy doing what? I dunno. I have managed to avoid playing Bejeweled for the past 4 days. Well, 2 days, really. Then I fell off the wagon yesterday. But I haven’t played at all today. So that makes 3 days in all. In any case, I wasn’t spending ALL my […]

stress ball

I Need To Find A Gift

My son, Jake, is turning 18 in a couple of weeks and I really need to find a gift. I’m stumped. I figured I’d go straight to the source and ask him what he wanted, rather than killing myself trying to find the perfect gift. His answer: “I dunno. A pool table?” Yeah, that’s not […]

girl with hat, plate of food, fork, restaurant

I Kid You Not

What would you do if you were told you couldn’t eat at a restaurant because of the person accompanying you? Imagine your outrage when you arrive with your parent, grandparent or friend at a public place and find a sign saying “No Person Above the Age of 65 Allowed”.  Like any other forms of discrimination, […]


To Jake, With Love

Today, you are graduating from high school, an honour roll student. In a few short months, you will start college. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you, not just for this accomplishment, but for everything that you do and all that you are. You bring light and laughter […]

little boy vacuuming

Why Should You Have Kids?

This is definitely NOT why you should have kids. It’s not why I had kids. Useless freakin’ lumps of brain-rotting flesh! This, on the other hand, THIS is why you should have kids. Now I just have to teach him to use the washing machine. Not on the market for some children at the moment, […]

The truth is not out there. It's in here.

Where Are Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones When You Need Them?

The following events are all 100% true. They took place in my home, on what appeared to be a normal Friday evening but was, in reality, the evening that shall henceforth be known as “The Night The Aliens Invaded My House”. I began to suspect something was not right almost immediately upon arriving home. I […]



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