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This Week’s Word Is FODDER

Actually, last week’s word was fodder.  But last week, it sounded more like fobba.  I had a cold, not the swine flu, just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill cold.  Still hanging around, but definitely not as bad as last week.  I can finally meander more than 4 inches from a Kleenex box.  And I can finally spend […]


Please Forward This To Everyone You Know

A boy child with H1N1 went mising from the planet after winning the Nigerian lotery.  Please sign this petition to have the United Federation of Planets of the Apes finally get off their butts to find him. Ok, so I have obviously exaggerated and you knew immediately that this was not a true story.  Or […]

TNR sucks

All Roads Lead To Times New Roman

This past week has been slightly less stressful (hectic, chaotic, crappy, emotional and generally sucky) than the one before.  The week before was one of those weeks that proved, on a daily basis, my theory about worst case scenarios.  Things just kept getting worse.  And while I didn’t see my parents having sex, that is pretty […]


Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?

Ok, I’m taking a bit of a chance here.  I run the very serious risk of offending people that I truly like and respect, but I cannot remain silent any longer.  I don’t want to single anyone out in particular.  If you read this and feel guilty, well, I can’t help your guilt, but I […]


Fear And Loathing In My Apartment: The House Centipede

Everyone needs a nemesis. It can be that guy at the office who borrows your pen who then proceeds to chew it up (thanks, you can keep it), or that girl on the bus whose morning perfume is set to ‘Stun’. I think having a good nemesis helps keep the balance between good and evil, […]


Mafia Wars: How Do You Finish A Never Ending Game?

Ok, they said I’m allowed to write about Zynga’s Mafia Wars on Facebook so that’s what I’m going to do. Yes, there was a rant about it on We Work For Cheese earlier this month, but I’ll be offering some hints and tips on the game. Do you want cheats for Mafia Wars? If you […]


Biff the Great and Powerful

So I used to work for this guy, call him Biff. If I must spell it out, Biff is an idiot. I tend to use that description often, but Biff is a different kettle of guppy altogether. On a regular basis, Biff would use what I call Biff-isms. I suppose they were expressions that he […]


An Open Letter To That Tree Over There

You have got to be kidding me? It’s August 14 and you’re turning brown? Seriously! I think you have an attitude problem, mister, because everyone around you is still green. Sure, some of your fellow trees are producing mature seeds that are about ready to drop, but no one said you can go brown. Ok? […]



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