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And Then I Had An Orgasm

It was the last thing I expected to see in my inbox. I was scrolling my way through all my emails, like I do every morning. Optical industry related press releases, Google Alerts, newsletters – all the stuff a marketing manager must have to ensure she is firmly up on the industry’s current events – […]


I Really, Really Want…

Please? If I would put out for a $200 supper, just imagine what I’d do for these babies.  


I’m Thankful Too…

…for Mail Order Underwear! That’s right. Mail Order Underwear. And socks. And t-shirts. I found this site, a few weeks back. I don’t remember how I ended up here, but I think it was through reddit. And at first I was like, wait…you can order underwear online? But then I was like, well of […]



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