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Tipped Garbage Can

Shaking A Fist At The Insolence Of Youth

September. The days are sunny, the skies are clear and blue, and there’s a hint of “crisp” in the air. Yes, a touch of those cool faraway tendrils of winter which will eventually be upon us. Summer might be over, but the change in temperature and the smell of Autumn is worth it. I like […]

missing nigerian prince

Please Forward This Again And Again And Again…

…because it would seem that I wasn’t clear enough the first time. I wrote this last November and decided to repost it after I got 14 emails today from people I know and who are now automatically filtered into my junk mail file. Yeah, I’m recycling. It’s hot and my brain has melted. So sue me. […]

So very private...

Dinner Notes

Hey, I’m back from Kleenex Heaven! My sinuses were so blocked this week that I thought a squid had moved in. But I made it to my parents for dinner. Twice. You know, just to say “hi” and all that. Also, do not underestimate the power of chicken soup. I don’t get colds very often, […]

What a freak

Cheap Date Lookin’ For Sugar Daddy

I’ve been working like a fool and it finally caught up with me: First cold in 2 years. Obviously I do not have kids 😉 For some reason, as I sat here drinking litres of Green Tea, I started thinking back to some of the terrible dates I’ve been on in my life. One in […]


Or Maybe It’s Just Me

Well, the sun has been out all week and just warm enough to ease the frozen claw of that wretched Old Man Winter. Just a tiny little bit. So I was going to write with a positive tone, when something happened. Things got stupid! The week started off promising enough with a trip to the […]

great customer service

Chivalry Dead, Manners On Life Support

What the hell is wrong with people?  Have the majority of people in the world been raised by a pack of wolves? Today I got up, got showered, got dressed, got in my car and got going to work.  Along the way, I was cut off, not once, not twice but three times.  The third […]


Beggars Can Be Choosers…Apparently…

When it comes to charity, we all know that the right time to give is now. Thanksgiving and the holiday season are apt times to give, but we know that there are always people in need all year round. Every year I give something to a variety of organizations. I give clothes, computers and money. […]


The Ikea Chair Lottery

Ideally, Sunday should be: Brunch, a cafe, or maybe a movie. Perhaps I’ll just laze away on the couch absently picking a guitar, staring off into space , gloriously unshowered, unshaven, and unfit for visitors. Idyllic picture, huh? Sunday should not be spent shoulder to shoulder with zombified masses of drooling idiots, shambling through an […]


A Million Degrees Below Zero…

…is what the temperature was today in my neck of the woods.  That would be Celsius by the way.  That would be -1,800,000,032 degrees Fahrenheit.  Actually, when I attempted to use a temperature conversion site to find out what -1,000,000,000 Celsius is in Farenheit, I got the following message: Your input cannot be below absolute zero.  Basically, […]

Even the family dog got drunk.

Rich, Stupid, Famous People Who Should Spontaneously Combust

I hate themes, even though there appears to be a zombie theme, cheese news theme and stoopid people theme to all of my blogs.  In my defense, zombies are awesome, cheese is the meaning of life and there are just so many ridiculously stupid people in this world, the majority of whom seem destined to cross […]


People Who Should Spontaneously Combust

Ok, it’s that time of year.  Snowflakes, mistletoe, lights, wreathes, 3-hour wait for parking at the mall, 4-hour wait at the checkout line…ahhh, ’tis the season to blow someone up.  This is typically the time of year when I lose all patience.  Not because of the usual stressors of the holidays, but rather because it seems to be […]

Fish Confetti

It’s Just Tuesday, Folks

So, I’m driving into work this morning and listening to the radio, singing along to something (Sittin’ at a Bar by Rehab, actually – love that tune…but I digress).  The song ends and the news comes on.  And this is where things get stupid. The news report is about 8 women skiing to the South Pole.  […]


Incurable Disease Is The New Pandemic

Recently, I’ve had quite a few conversations regarding medical issues.  First, a discussion with my sister-in-law about whether or not to vacinate our children against H1N1.  We are both educated, intelligent women who do not want to fall victim to wide-spread panic, but we are also loving mothers who will do everything we can for our […]


Please Forward This To Everyone You Know

A boy child with H1N1 went mising from the planet after winning the Nigerian lotery.  Please sign this petition to have the United Federation of Planets of the Apes finally get off their butts to find him. Ok, so I have obviously exaggerated and you knew immediately that this was not a true story.  Or […]


Flash Mobs Suck Unless It’s Zombies

I have to admit, the following video slayed me. However, if I was the victim, I’d probably be pretty annoyed. Especially in the first couple of flash mob manifestations, because I have no doubt that the victim soiled himself, and that’s no way to start a day. Check them out: I’m trying to see the […]



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