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We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge

The Day I Didn’t Almost Kill Ziva And M But Then We Got Drunk Anyway

My visit with Ziva and and her husband M hit rock bottom when – in a slightly inebriated state – I decided to drape myself drunkenly pose rather mockingly with a statue that turned out to be in front of a church or something (and had rice all over it, which I assume is some […]

cypress grove chevre

A Swag Cheese Review

So, how fed up are you of hearing about my trip to California last week? Really fed up, you say? Great! So let me tell you a little bit more about it! Yes, even though I have the gift of hearing blog people, I tend to ignore what they’re saying. In case you didn’t catch […]

oakland train station, mother, grandmother, child, train platform, waiting for a train, california, san fransisco

Naked People, Foursomes And A Cat

Have you ever been to California? I hear some of you saying no. I hear some of you saying yes. Yes, I can hear blog people. It’s a gift. I also hear some of you telling me to get to the freaking point, already. Well the point, if you could all untwist your knickers for […]

malmo central station

I Got Crabs in Sweden

And then I gave them to the cat and now they’re his best friends! I know how that sounds, but trust me when I say that everyone’s happy and the only “itching” I have is to go travelling again. However, if I never have to travel trough a New York airport again, I’ll be a […]

french fries, gravy, cheese, poutine

Fun Facts About New Jersey

Do you know any fun facts about New Jersey? Any facts at all? Until a couple of weeks ago, all I knew was that NJ was where Snookie, The Situation and the Sopranos live. And Meleah, of course. But on my road-trip to New Jersey, I learned some very important facts about the state you […]

Tony Bennett lookalike, T Mobile girl lookalike

Roadtrip to New Jersey

Early Thursday morning, I set out for a roadtrip to New Jersey to meet a wonderfully funny blogger, Meleah. I love driving, I love Meleah so I have been literally BOUNCING off the walls all week! My roadtrip started out a little rough. I finally made it to the border: The customs officer was a […]


Goodbye Winter! This Time For Real!

Whew! Well we’re back to normal after yesterday’s cauliflower party. Changing our theme back to normal was like changing into comfortable clothes after wearing an ill-fitting clown suit for 24 hours. So here’s a quick post, to welcome Spring (finally) and say goodbye to Winter until next year. I figured I’d post a few pics […]


Addiction Will Ruin Your Life

It was in the summer of 2006 when the problems began. I was entertaining a long distance virtual relationship with a girl from Nebraska. She seemed like a very nice girl who I’ll admit, I didn’t know extremely well, but I’m usually a good judge of character, so I soon found myself on a plane […]


Fun At The Border

Has THIS ever happened to you? You pull up to the American border, minding your own business, when BAM…strip search! Maybe it didn’t happen quite like that. Maybe my responses to some of the border guard’s rapid-fire questions were a little snide. All I know is that after I told him that the car I […]


A Roadtrip Non-Adventure

Driving to Toronto from Montreal is a mind-numbing experience. The road is boring, the landscape has nothing to offer, and the destination…well, the destination is Toronto! Sorry Torontonians. Just keeping the rivalry alive. You know how it is 🙂 Whenever I go to the big T, it’s usually for no more than 2 sleeps. 6 […]



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