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Does This Theme Make Us Look Fat?

Mike writes: We hope it does! Our old WordPress theme served us well for 2 1/2 years (!) , but we always felt that it was just too narrow. It was just very annoying that we had to resize our videos so that they’d fit in the center column. I also heard that  the site […]


Happy Hour, Happy Cheeseday

This week, I met with my boss for my annual performance review. The last year has been kinda tough as I fell in and out of love with the company. I’ve been alternately slacking off, having VERY short bursts of motivation, and generally getting ever more snarky with my clients. Their verdict: My boss thinks […]


Choose Your Cheese…

…Banner! You may have noticed our new banner. Yes, I finally found something to replace that lame cityscape.  I was walking to work one morning when, just around the corner from the bar of deep and meaningful conversations, what do I spot on this abandoned, boarded-up garage?  Cheese graffiti.  Sigh.  I wept at the sheer beauty […]



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