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Snow, Glorious Snow

Isn’t snow great? So it took a record storm to get me to write one last post before the end of 2012. It’ll be short and sweet because sometime between 30 Days of Photos III (yes, I’m still traumatized) and that half a turkey I think I ate on my own last week, my capacity […]


Happy Winter Solstice!

Wow, is it December 21st already? That means that today is the Winter Solstice aka The First Day of Winter aka Me! Now that it’s really Winter’s season, I’ll see what I can do about the lack of snow. I know, some cities feel neglected. But you know what? I’ve been super busy with Winternet […]

spring is here

Shut Up Already, I’m Here!

Ok ok! I’m here y’all, so just quit yer dang hollerin’ already! My brother Winter‘s outta town so now I gotta make myself up all pretty like for you no good complainers. And I heard y’all complainin’ I did. All through my beauty sleep all I hear is “where’s Spring? Why is it still Winter? […]


How Do Ya Like Them Snowballs?

What up, haters? It’s me, Winter, back with another awesome display of my awesomeness! So Mike is on vacation and he really wants to go skiing in Vermont sometime this week. He hasn’t even been skiing in over 5 years, and since it rained all weekend, he was worried that the conditions would be too […]

winter is amazing

I Can Only Be Me

Ok, I get it.   You hate Me. You see Me as cold, wet and slippery and it pisses you off. Well you know what? It’s not easy being a season. Most of you have been bitching out my snowy ass since I brushed your pretty noses with the very first flakes of my awesomeness […]


A Million Degrees Below Zero…

…is what the temperature was today in my neck of the woods.  That would be Celsius by the way.  That would be -1,800,000,032 degrees Fahrenheit.  Actually, when I attempted to use a temperature conversion site to find out what -1,000,000,000 Celsius is in Farenheit, I got the following message: Your input cannot be below absolute zero.  Basically, […]


Springtime In November

Yes, Spring has arrived and no, I do not live in Australia. The last 5 days have been warm. Ridiculously warm. 20 degrees (70 if you’re American), sun, gloveless, bootless, snowless and leafless. Yes, leafless, since it’s NOVEMBER. And even though I’ve already bitched about the coming of fall, I must complain about the weather […]



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