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Identified Flying Object

I Haven’t Been To Roswell

Hello. My name is Mike aka CheesyMike. I don’t think I’ve been to Roswell, but you know, the memory’s a funny thing. Our brains lie to us all the time. Yes, our brains are liars. Pathological liars even, but that’s a whole other prompt (see Day 18). I’ve been away. I’m just not entirely sure […]

Do you know what these are? Me neither. Seriously. What are they? And where did those circle thingies go? I've "heard" of magic mushrooms, but disappearing cheese...?!

This Is Going To Be About Cheese But It’s Going To Be About Other Stuff Too Because I’ve Self-Diagnosed Myself With Adult ADD

A few days ago, I was going to write about the most excellent cheese ever, but then I met Maurice and decided to write about him instead but I promised to tell you all about the most excellent cheese ever another time, which I mean to do today but I just can’t seem to concentrate […]

The truth is not out there. It's in here.

Where Are Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones When You Need Them?

The following events are all 100% true. They took place in my home, on what appeared to be a normal Friday evening but was, in reality, the evening that shall henceforth be known as “The Night The Aliens Invaded My House”. I began to suspect something was not right almost immediately upon arriving home. I […]


2010 Resolutions

For our 2010 resolutions post, we’ve decided to do something different, crazy, and completely irresponsible: We’re letting our resident Guest Blogger Jepeto have the honors. (The resolutions expressed below are those of the guest blogger and in no way represent the collective resolutions of WWFC) 2010 Resolutions (not actually 2010 resolutions, idiots, just 8 that […]

The Walking Dead


I love zombies. Zombie movies (Shaun of the Dead is a favorite), zombie books (World War Z changed my life!!), but more specifically, I LOVE The Walking Dead. What is The Walking Dead you ask? What freakin’ planet are you from I ask!!! The Walking Dead is an awesome monthly black and white comic about […]



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