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my butt in pajama jeans

Forbes Rich List Spoiler : I’m Not On It

  You may or may not have heard that Forbes put out their rich list today. Topping the list of 1,211 people with more money than they’ll ever be able to spend, is the chairman of Telmex, Carlos Slim Helu, worth upwards of 74 billion dollars. Bill Gates came in second, with over 56 billion […]


Love For My Fellow Bloggers In A Totally Non-Slutty Way

Last week, WWFC was getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes when you’ve received praise from your peers. (Ok, so it also comes when the cat on your lap pees, but that’s not what happened. This time.) We received our first award, and got quite a few mentions from various bloggers. Some of the […]

old dutch

How Not To Diversify The Business

So let’s say you’ve got a business. Let’s say the business has been around for 50 years. Let’s also say your company name is synonymous with a household cleaning product. You’ve got healthy competition, but it’s not enough. Your cleaning products are good, but you need more market share. What does one do? You start […]


I Join The Ranks Of Stoopid Peepel

So, here I sit, checking out cheese news – verrrrry slow week – trying to figure out what I’d like to write about when suddenly it hits me.  I am soooooooooo stoopid. Let me start by saying that I have had an extremely crazy busy week and weekend.  Work has been ridiculously hectic and I’ve […]



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