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hairy legs, short skirt, high heel


I’m back baby! Yes! Like with all events in my life, I am thrust into the spotlight by default. It has been a long time since I posted here. Let’s take a quick look back at my invaluable contribution to WWFC: I bitched on Braveheart’s Philippe My first English word learned was fuck I created […]


2010 Resolutions

For our 2010 resolutions post, we’ve decided to do something different, crazy, and completely irresponsible: We’re letting our resident Guest Blogger Jepeto have the honors. (The resolutions expressed below are those of the guest blogger and in no way represent the collective resolutions of WWFC) 2010 Resolutions (not actually 2010 resolutions, idiots, just 8 that […]


I Am Skilled in the Art of Blogging in Thine Language, Sire

“Who is that person who speaks to me as tho I needed his advice?” “I have declared Philip my High Councilor” “Is he qualified?” The impudent Councilor opens his mouth… “I am skilled in the arts of war and military tactics, Sire” “Are you? …then tell me, what advice would you offer on the present […]



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