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Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal Review

That’s right. After a disappointing false start, Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal is OPEN for business and WWFC was there to review! I was the first to arrive at the restaurant and, while I missed meeting head chef Jeff Jablow (who was kind enough to visit our blog and let us know the restaurant’s official opening date) […]

first guy to buy an ipad 2

Canada’s Government Falls and Guess Whose Fault It Is

So, Canada’s Conservative government fell the other day to a vote of non-confidence. That’s right. In Canada, when the opposition parties vote that you suck, they can force an election. Or something like that. This is Canada after all. Land of buck toothed beavers, high taxes and marbled cheddar. What a country! But don’t worry. […]


How Do You Eat A Twinkie?

Yesterday evening, I came home from work to find a notice in my mail box that I had a parcel waiting for me at the post office. I’ve been expecting something from a very dear friend of mine and I figured it had arrived. So, I stopped by the post office on my way home […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 12

Why, Oh Why, Couldn’t It Be Called Chuck E. Chalupa??!! Authorities confronted a sex offender at a Florida Chuck E. Cheese, but didn’t arrest him.  Police said he was doing nothing wrong.  Of course he wasn’t. Hey, he’s got just as much right to be there as any non-pedophiles. See, he was found guilty of sexually abusing […]

1949 Mercury

A Girl Can Dream, Can’t She?

“If I had money, I tell you what I’d do. I’d go downtown and buy a Mercury or two. I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury, yeah, crazy ’bout a Mercury. I’m gonna buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road.” – Steve Miller Band I always loved that song. When I was […]


Teabagging, Cornholes and Beavers

After reading a post about words this week, I got to thinking about words too and why we always, at the earliest opportunity, turn an innocent term into something sexual. I guess we’re just a depraved society that way. I blame the Internet. The recent Tea Party movement and the subsequent teabagger label was an […]

Curling Rock

Give Me My Medal Already!

So Canada has a whopping 5 Olympic medals to date, with 2 of them being gold.  Historic, seeing as Canada has never won a gold medal on home turf, so to speak. Needless to say, this has caused quite a stir amongst Canucks.  It’s been the office water cooler conversation all week.  Personally, I’ve never […]



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