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Even more appetizing than salmiakki, no?

Love And Candy

It was your typical love story: girl blogger 1 meets girl blogger 2, girl blogger 1 continually and shamelessly throws herself at girl blogger 2, girl blogger 2 appears to return girl blogger 1’s affections but then breaks girl blogger 1’s heart by marrying some guy. That’s right. Some guy. Who. Doesn’t. Even. Blog. Sigh. […]

carrots, onion, olive oil, saute vegetables

Pumpkin Guts

So, it’s only a few weeks until Halloween, which, besides spending $400 on candy and convincing my son he really doesn’t need anĀ $800 gold-plated, mechanical, battery-operated, light-up, sound-producing, shoots-real-lasers-and-comes-with-its-own-fully-operational-grenade-launcher costume, means carving a big-ass pumpkin. And that means pumpkin soup. Here is my pumpkin soup recipe. Pumpkin Soup 1 big-ass pumpkin 2 tbsp olive oil […]



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