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Is It Real Or Is It Marketing?

I saw this commercial last night and immediately thought of Mike and his new cat, Dobson. You know, the cat he made me listen to on the phone. At least Dobson doesn’t spell his name with a “ph”. And yes, this will be the last freaking cat post you’ll find here on WWFC.  

tortoiseshell cat, cell phone

Amongst Other Things, A Cheese Review

Hi. How’s it going? *looks at computer screen expectantly* … … Ok, then. Moving right along. I’m doing just fine. Well, no. I’m not. Not really. I am experiencing technical difficulties. See, technically, I can write. But, technically, I just don’t feel like it. This has happened before and it wasn’t too bad because I […]

red flowers

Things To Do On Vacation

Are you looking for things to do on vacation? Here’s a comment I left on Facebook when asked what I was going to do during my vacation: Doin’ somethin’ if I feel like doin’ somethin’, doin’ nuthin’ when I feel like doin’ nuthin’. Gonna daydream and write and sing off tune. Gonna go to the […]

That's for trying to kill me.

White Elephants Make Great Pets

My friend Margaret, over at Nanny Goats In Panties, decided to have a White Elephant party. That’s when everyone regifts crappy questionable items they have received and participates in a gift exchange. Because I am never one to turn down a party, I signed up. Margaret emailed me the name of the person I needed […]



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