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Huhn? Ish now? Hahhhappy newear! I luf hue man.

A Year Of Cheese…A Life Of Cheese

Quite a few people spent the last few days of 2010 looking back, reviewing the year and making resolutions. I spent the last few days of 2010 trying to drink enough to completely obliterate 2010 from my memory. Success! So, I’ve spent the last couple of days sobering up and attempting to remember parts of […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 16

En garde! The World Cheese Awards took place again and this year’s champ comes from…England!  Cornish Blue, made in Liskeard by Philip and Carol Stansfield, nosed ahead of 2,600 entries from 26 countries for the win. It would seem that while France was busy being snooty, England has developed a choice of 700 homegrown cheeses while the French […]

Our traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner

He Enjoys Much Who Is Thankful For Little

  The title of this post is a quote by Thomas Secker, who I’m pretty sure was really, really drunk when he said it. In any case, you may not know this, but it’s Thanksgiving here in the Great White North.  We have ours earlier than our counterparts to the south, mainly because, by November, […]

Not the ridiculously expensive sandwich, but doesn't it look good just the same?

Cheese In The News – Vol. 14

A Day Late And Several Dollars Short   September’s edition of Cheese In The News is a little late because I forgot the old “30 days hath September” poem and subsequently believed today was September 31st. I was going to try and make some witty comment here, or try to blame the error on being overworked or […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 13

WWFC Mourns Morrie R. Yohai, inventor of Cheez Doodles, has died. He was 90.  Yohai developed the snack at his Old London Foods factory in the 1950s. The company already was selling Dipsy Doodles rippled corn chips. He applied a similar concept for the Cheez Doodles, adapting the machine to extrude liquefied cornmeal into a […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 12

Why, Oh Why, Couldn’t It Be Called Chuck E. Chalupa??!! Authorities confronted a sex offender at a Florida Chuck E. Cheese, but didn’t arrest him.  Police said he was doing nothing wrong.  Of course he wasn’t. Hey, he’s got just as much right to be there as any non-pedophiles. See, he was found guilty of sexually abusing […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 11

Desperate Cheese Times Call For Desperate Cheese Measures A Washington man, Harley Davidson Ironwing, is facing charges of first-degree robbery and second-degree assault for allegedly knocking down an 84-year-old man while fleeing a grocery store with five packages of string cheese hidden in his waistband. Apparently, he hadn’t eaten in 3 days and was hungry. It […]

more cheese please

Cheese In The News – Vol. 9

Cheese Gets Reconnected On Sunday, I began experiencing some technical difficulties. My Internet connection kept getting dropped. I would barely have time to load a page and then bam! Gone. By Monday, frustration had quickly escalated to panic. By Tuesday, I was experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms and contacted my Internet provider to send over a […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 6

THINGS ARE VERY WRONG IN THE WORLD OF CHEESE Hmm…what does one do with all that extra milk Mommy pumped? New York chef, Daniel Angerer, actually made cheese out his wife’s breast milk.  If that isn’t f*cked up enough, he’s serving it with figs and Hungarian pepper at his restaurant, Klee Brasserie.  I reread the […]

cheese grater

Cheese In The News – Vol. 5

THE CALIFORNIAN VERSION OF “LES MISERABLES” A California man, Robert Ferguson, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for stealing a bag of shredded cheese.  He was nearly given life in prison, due to California’s 3-strikes law, but a psychiatrist’s report resulted in a reduced sentence.  OK, so what if this guy spent 22 of […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 4

AFTER YOU FIGHT OVER IT, YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF WITH IT. So I know you’ve all been wondering, where the hell has Nicky been all week and what the hell is new with cheese? Well, in between the kids, the job, and all the things that go along with all that, Nicky has been working on […]



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