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"Bork bork bork!"

A Million Little Cheeses

Welcome to 30 Days of Writing, a 30 day creative writing challenge that is guaranteed to drive you to drink. Today’s prompt is “cheese“. On that note, I give you: A Million Little Cheeses Over the years, many people have asked me why I did it. They are all ultimately disappointed by the truth. It […]


Love For My Fellow Bloggers In A Totally Non-Slutty Way

Last week, WWFC was getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes when you’ve received praise from your peers. (Ok, so it also comes when the cat on your lap pees, but that’s not what happened. This time.) We received our first award, and got quite a few mentions from various bloggers. Some of the […]

"Bork bork bork!"

The Quest For Cotswold

Our previous post had something to do with risking one’s life for a Double Gloucester, which ties in perfectly with our latest cheese review. We’ve been planning to try Cotswold for months, and it just happens to be a Double Gloucester as well. Many thanks to Jayne for repeatedly name dropping Cotswold in her comments! […]



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