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garbage truck montreal


I messed up. I messed up bad. Real bad. I’ve been whining like a baby about writing ever since that cold traumatic February writing challenge. Then, I told myself that I’d take part in P.J.’s photo blog challenge. Hell, you only have to post 5 photos and only once a month. How hard could it […]

cumulonimbus sunset ave du parc

Heatwave, Shmeatwave

That’s right. It’s hot. 95 degrees hot. Like everywhere. Yet I can’t help but think… This is great! I know. It sucks if you have respiratory issues and it could suck if your A/C doesn’t work (raises hand). However, the clouds were freakin’ amazing even if the rain that eventually poured out of them did […]

blue specialized mountain bike

How Not To Die While Cycling

Cycling in a busy city like Montreal is easy. It’s true that our automobile drivers have a terrible reputation, and most cyclists don’t obey the laws of the road. Even pedestrians get into the act by crossing on red lights. Especially downtown where the streets are narrow and it’s easy to skit across. It’s just […]


The City Takes A Deep Breath

I didn’t get out of the office until 8pm. which was fine. It was quiet, I had some of my favorite colleagues around to talk to, and the company expensed my sushi. When I left the office, I figured it was a good time to hit the downtown bookstore for a Father’s Day gift for […]

Floyd Pig

I’m Not Afraid Of Flying Pigs

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bike or walk to work just about every day since mid April. Today however, the dream died. The weather has tipped the scales in favor of Really Crappy, which is defined in my mind as either too wet or too cold for me on a bike. So […]



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