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wet salty string cheese with spices

Disgusting String Cheese

If you like wet, salty cheese, and I mean REALLY salty, then this cheese is for you. Yep, I’ve finally tried a cheese that I don’t like. And by “don’t like”, I mean “could barely swallow it”. String Cheese is one salty-ass cheese! It was saltier than my mother’s black bean sauce experiment, aka The […]


Mmmm…Who Wants A Radish Sandwich?

It’s time for What’s In My Fridge? which may or may not become a regular feature. As you might have deduced from some of my posts here, I’ve recently moved. But while I’ve been in my new place for a little over a week, I’ve been doing a really lousy job of stocking the fridge. […]


Fear And Loathing In My Apartment: The House Centipede

Everyone needs a nemesis. It can be that guy at the office who borrows your pen who then proceeds to chew it up (thanks, you can keep it), or that girl on the bus whose morning perfume is set to ‘Stun’. I think having a good nemesis helps keep the balance between good and evil, […]



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