drunk again

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30 Days of Photos IV: Seven

It’s only Day 7 of 30 days of Photographs and 2 things have become clear at this point: I’ve started to drink more, and  I’ve been posting increasingly late. And yes, in exactly that order. I’ve also been very late at commenting. I promise to pick up the pace once I can see clearly. For […]

Campari Sour aftermath

Sour – 30 Days of Photos Day 4

Today’s prompt is Sour and it seems only natural to incorporate that into a drink. So this is… …How to Make a Campari Sour You’ll need: 1-1/2 ounces of Campari – check (a fresh bottle is preferable) 1 barspoon of simple syrup – simple syrup? How about maple syrup? And WTF is a barspoon? 1 […]



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