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Fuck. Off.

That’s It, She’s Gone Too Far

Howdy bloggers, it’s me again, Jake. As you may know, I have only written 1 blog post. I am not as in to the whole blogging thing as my mom might be but this time she’s gone too far. I have taken the repetetive insults and laughed cause, lets face it, it’s funny, but I will not […]


Beware Of Severed Woodchucks

I have been a Stephen King fan since I first read Salem’s Lot when I was 14 years old.  I think that I have read every one of his books, although to be honest, I’m not 100% sure because there are just so damn many of them! ( lists over 1,000 titles) So, of course, […]


Fear And Loathing In My Apartment: The House Centipede

Everyone needs a nemesis. It can be that guy at the office who borrows your pen who then proceeds to chew it up (thanks, you can keep it), or that girl on the bus whose morning perfume is set to ‘Stun’. I think having a good nemesis helps keep the balance between good and evil, […]



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