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ice waterfall

Meanwhile, Somewhere In Finland…

Welcome to Day 5 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing, the creative writing challenge that 4 out of 5 pharmacists agree is the reason for your side-effects. Today’s prompt is You Better Put Out, and you can thank Ziva for this one. Or you can just let me thank her. Often. Don’t forget to […]

Even more appetizing than salmiakki, no?

Love And Candy

It was your typical love story: girl blogger 1 meets girl blogger 2, girl blogger 1 continually and shamelessly throws herself at girl blogger 2, girl blogger 2 appears to return girl blogger 1’s affections but then breaks girl blogger 1’s heart by marrying some guy. That’s right. Some guy. Who. Doesn’t. Even. Blog. Sigh. […]

1949 Mercury

A Girl Can Dream, Can’t She?

“If I had money, I tell you what I’d do. I’d go downtown and buy a Mercury or two. I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury, yeah, crazy ’bout a Mercury. I’m gonna buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road.” – Steve Miller Band I always loved that song. When I was […]

finland flag

Cheese In The News – Vol. 10

Because Nothing Says “Happy Birthday” Like Cheese… Olwyn Green, of New Zealand decided to buy an 8 lb wheel of white Lancashire Crumbly, her husband Jim’s favourite cheese, while visiting relatives in northern England, to bring back for his 75th birthday.  But thanks to Iceland’s increased promiscuity resulting in a lack of virgins to sacrifice to the angry volcano gods, poor Olwyn had […]


Love For My Fellow Bloggers In A Totally Non-Slutty Way

Last week, WWFC was getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes when you’ve received praise from your peers. (Ok, so it also comes when the cat on your lap pees, but that’s not what happened. This time.) We received our first award, and got quite a few mentions from various bloggers. Some of the […]



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