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We Need To Talk

I’ve been contemplating what to write about for the last couple of days. I had a couple of options and was leaning toward a rant about the utter uselessness of one-ply toilet paper. Then 2 things happened that got me thinking about a totally different and completely serious subject. I’ve been hesitating to post it for […]

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Random Thoughts Not So Random After All

Yeah yeah yeah! Random thoughts are back. No numbers. No, no. Girlfriend stubborn and angry. Esperanto will be my next trick. Unu) It’s been more than a month now that I am jobless. Am I better? Yep. But I left a well compensated job for volunteering. Oh I am not going to build homes in […]

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He Apologizes In Advance…

It’s time once again for guest blogger Jepeto’s take on life.  He is actually quite unapologetic, but we apologize on his behalf.  Jepeto spent seven years in Haiti, and after the earthquake we asked him if he wanted to write something about it.  In a rare moment of sobriety, he said he found it difficult […]



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