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old teddy bears

Losing Nana

Losing Nana Nana got to calling me Rabbit when I was just a bitty thing, barely out of diapers. She said it was on account of my fondness for vegetables – carrots in particular – but anyone who’s ever met me and my overbite knows better. As a result, that’s what most people call me […]



Since ‘Gouda’ as a prompt was entirely my fault, it seemed only fair that I write something. ANYTHING. And that’s what I’ve been muttering to myself all morning from beneath my safety blanket. “Write…..something…” So I did. —————————————— Gouda Ingredients 1. Medium sized wedge of Gouda (Hell, buy the whole wheel if you want.) Directions […]

Special thanks to Jepeto for braving the torrential downpour to bring you this awesome cheese plate. And for holding the platter up. You're a keeper, baby!

Name That Cheese!

Ok, everyone! It’s time for our much anticipated SECOND CONTEST EVER! All you have to do is guess the nine cheeses on our cheese platter! Simple, right? The person to guess the most correct cheeses wins. In case of a tie, the person who provides the most detailed correct answers wins. For example, let’s say […]



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