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April Photo Challenge: Smile

It’s the end of another month which calls for another quintet of photos for P.J.’s Monthly Photo Challenge. This month’s theme is “Smile”. “That’ll be easy!”, thought I. After all, spring is here and lots of people will be out and about flashing their smiles in the glorious sun as it warms their pasty arms […]


Red Things and Exploding Brains

Today is the last day of February, aka the day we post things for P.J.’s monthly photo challenge. It is also the last day of Nicky’s (I keep saying I had nothing to do with it, but no one believes me) 28 Day Writing Challenge and today’s prompt for that is “And Then My Brain […]


Choose Your Cheese…

…Banner! You may have noticed our new banner. Yes, I finally found something to replace that lame cityscape.  I was walking to work one morning when, just around the corner from the bar of deep and meaningful conversations, what do I spot on this abandoned, boarded-up garage?  Cheese graffiti.  Sigh.  I wept at the sheer beauty […]



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