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qwerty keyboard palm treo 610

QWERTY – 30 Days of Photos Day 18

This was the shit back in 2004. The Palm Treo 610 had a 2.7 inch touch screen, 0.3 megapixel camera, and a full qwerty keyboard. The company I worked for at the time bought it for me and it cost them around $700. It’s not only a reminder of how quickly technology changes, but also […]

high heeled boots, winter boots, stylish boots

They Don’t Call Them Deviled Eggs For Nothing

  So, how were your holidays? If you’re like me… hey, what’s with the panicked look and passionate protests?! Sheesh. I was joking about wearing the boots with pajamas, you know. Sort of. Whatever. Look, if your holidays were anything like mine (There, feel better? Sigh.), it was probably a crazy busy and stressful time. […]



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