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But What About The Zombies?

It’s time for zombie time! Whenever we describe our blog to someone, we usually suffix our description with “…and zombies!”, and we know what you’ve all been thinking: where the hell are those zombies?! It’s been ages since we’ve talked about anything zombie related. It’s just been cheese, cheese, cheese, which is fine and all, […]


Why Do People Have To Be So…

…STOOPID! Long story short, I was working late. When you work late, not much is open, so you’re pretty much screwed. Your back’s against the wall and you’re left staring at McDonalds (not in this life I won’t), Second Cup (they can’t even make coffee!), and Tim Hortons. Well, Tim’s makes an edible sandwich, but […]


Fools vs Morons

Since We Work For Cheese is in its infancy, I’ve been working at setting up the basics, or more specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While SEO is a science that takes some time to master, one must concentrate on content. The challenge is to write about something you’re interested in while also appealing to the […]



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