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Tony Bennett lookalike, T Mobile girl lookalike

Roadtrip to New Jersey

Early Thursday morning, I set out for a roadtrip to New Jersey to meet a wonderfully funny blogger, Meleah. I love driving, I love Meleah so I have been literally BOUNCING off the walls all week! My roadtrip started out a little rough. I finally made it to the border: The customs officer was a […]


There’s Nothing To See Here, Folks.

About a month and a half ago, I was having trouble with Internet Explorer. I could open Outlook and get my emails, but I could only access Explorer in Safe Mode with Networking. And it was verrrrrrrrry slllllllooooooooow. Mike suggested I download Firefox, which I did, and all has been peachy since. Until this week. […]

more cheese please

Cheese In The News – Vol. 9

Cheese Gets Reconnected On Sunday, I began experiencing some technical difficulties. My Internet connection kept getting dropped. I would barely have time to load a page and then bam! Gone. By Monday, frustration had quickly escalated to panic. By Tuesday, I was experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms and contacted my Internet provider to send over a […]



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