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There Will Be Cheese

So, a little over 3 weeks ago I wrote about how I was looking for a job since my previous position had been abolished. I was feeling pretty upbeat, had a couple of tentative offers, an interview, the possibility of some freelance work and the names of a couple of recruiters. I was eligible for […]

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I Had A Dream

My position was abolished today. I have to find a new job. What’s new with you?   Early in April, I resigned from my position. I was offered a promotion as an incentive to stay on. I stupidly accepted. About a month later, the Senior VP who promoted me was fired. The writing was on […]


I Needed An Intervention

This fall, I had to face a very unpleasant truth. I was an addict. I was a functional addict, true, but just barely. I was just barely managing to hold on to my relationship with Jepeto and the kids, not to mention maintaining schoolwork and my job. Ok, so maybe my job and the chances […]



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