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What About The Music?

The marquis was lit and showed that a live band was playing tonight, so we pulled into the lot and parked. “Ever heard of these guys?” “Nope. But the lot looks pretty full. Maybe that’s a good sign.” Cover bands. Hit or miss. We ordered some pints and found a standing spot near the stage. […]



I have no idea what day it is but apparently we’re hosting a writing challenge. Today’s prompt is Friendship. ————————————- I’m building a thing and had to get a bunch of wood. I had them cut the wood for me and was promptly charged (violated) $1.50 per cut. That’s 3 times what I was charged […]


This Week’s Word Is FODDER

Actually, last week’s word was fodder.  But last week, it sounded more like fobba.  I had a cold, not the swine flu, just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill cold.  Still hanging around, but definitely not as bad as last week.  I can finally meander more than 4 inches from a Kleenex box.  And I can finally spend […]



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