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As Mags once told me: "Be careful what you wish for. And what's that thing on your face?"

My Friends Call Me Nicky

If I’ve gotten to know you, even a little bit, chances are I’ve given you a nickname. That’s right. Even if I only “virtually” know you, I’ve probably given you a nickname. And, chances are, you don’t know it, because I only use these nicknames in my head. Oh sure, you may have spotted me […]


Cheese In The News – Celebrity Edition

This week, Glenn Beck’s honesty about news really being an entertainment money machine has inspired me. He wasn’t my only source of inspiration, though. CHEESE ATTEMPTS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD BY INFILTRATING THE MEDIA Cheese has been maneuvering into a position of power, clearly trying to usurp control of the most powerful country in the […]


15,944 Minutes And Counting…

There was a time when, on Wednesdays, I would not go out.  People were not invited over on Wednesdays.  If someone did come by, they were unceremoniously (and without apology) kicked out by 8:55 pm.  I would not answer the phone or the door and the children were not allowed to talk. Since May, 2009, though, Wednesdays […]


I Join The Ranks Of Stoopid Peepel

So, here I sit, checking out cheese news – verrrrry slow week – trying to figure out what I’d like to write about when suddenly it hits me.  I am soooooooooo stoopid. Let me start by saying that I have had an extremely crazy busy week and weekend.  Work has been ridiculously hectic and I’ve […]



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