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peanut crusher

Blogging In Body Armour

Wow. I am finally out of the hospital. My girlfriend beat the shit outta me for writing with numbers, though technically they are not numbers (Ouch! Quit it!). Alright, I am better now. Tired. No more surprises, honey, I promise. XV IX Random Thoughts I) Seriously. How can you be a beaten man? I know […]


Mafia Wars: How Do You Finish A Never Ending Game?

Ok, they said I’m allowed to write about Zynga’s Mafia Wars on Facebook so that’s what I’m going to do. Yes, there was a rant about it on We Work For Cheese earlier this month, but I’ll be offering some hints and tips on the game. Do you want cheats for Mafia Wars? If you […]


Zynga’s Mafia Wars celebrates an anniversary (or How I Lost My Man)

So Zynga recently announced the one year anniversary of Mafia Wars. According to the press release I read: “since its launch in June 2008, Mafia Wars has grown to more than four million daily active users; in the last three months, alone, the game has doubled the number of daily players”.  My man would be […]



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