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This Just In: Overeating Fatty Over-Processed Foods With Little-To-No Nutritional Value Makes You Fat

Really? Are they really going to make me state the obvious? It seems they are. I just read this article in Forbes about how the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has decided to raise public awareness regarding cheese and how it turns you into this: The ads went up in Albany, New York, where […]

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I’m Not Ignoring You, I’m Just Stupid

Do you Twitter? I tweeted for the first time this week, for work. I actually Googled “how to tweet” to figure it out. Yes, I’m that stupid. But I’m not alone. On a monthly basis, there are 1,830,000 global searches for “how to tweet“.  Global searches, monthly. That’s a lot of people without a clue […]

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I Read A Book In Less Than A Day. Yes, It Has Pictures.

I picked up the book $ELLEBRITY by George Lois on sale for $10. I knew a little bit about the man, very little really, just that he’s been a big time ad exec since the 1950’s. I figured, what the hell!  I was on vacation, I had time and it was only 10 bucks! Plus, […]

$100? Man, I wish this was my wallet.

What Message Do You Want To Send?

Even though I’ve only been at it for 4 years, I love working in marketing. Actually, I love it when it’s done properly. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever worked for one organization that, in my humble opinion, did it properly. The problem is, marketing is subjective. It isn’t subjective in theory, but it is in reality. […]

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Eat Worms To Lose Weight

A few months back, not long after we started WWFC, co-blogger Mike told me about this awesome free tool by the Advanced Marketing Institute called the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.  Basically, you type in your headline, it tells you how appealing it is.  I used it regularly. While typing in the headline for my last post, I […]


What Exactly Are Their Qualifications?

  This week I’ve had several “is that a joke?” moments.  I realized that each of them boiled down to the same question.  See, I’ve been in positions where I’ve had to hire people.  I’ve supervised, I’ve managed.  I’ve even had to fire people.  So I know the process, the ins and outs.  My question […]



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