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Do you know what these are? Me neither. Seriously. What are they? And where did those circle thingies go? I've "heard" of magic mushrooms, but disappearing cheese...?!

This Is Going To Be About Cheese But It’s Going To Be About Other Stuff Too Because I’ve Self-Diagnosed Myself With Adult ADD

A few days ago, I was going to write about the most excellent cheese ever, but then I met Maurice and decided to write about him instead but I promised to tell you all about the most excellent cheese ever another time, which I mean to do today but I just can’t seem to concentrate […]

Yes, this is why there is no "Real Housewives of Montreal"

This Was Going To Be About Cheese, But Then It Wasn’t

Last weekend, Mike came over and brought the most amazing cheese ever. A cheese so delicious, even the most dedicated cheese-hating Finn would consider packing up and moving to Sweden just to have a taste. I’m going to tell you all about it. Some other time. That’s right. I’m not going to write about the […]



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