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December Photo Challenge: Festive

And we’re back with another quintet of photos for December’s Photo Challenge. This is the last challenge of the year unless someone tacked on another month without telling me. That would be crazy. This month’s theme is ‘Festive‘ which initially filled me with dread because all I could think of was 5 photos of Xmas […]

photo challenge night streaks

Photo Challenge: Night

I’ve been working until midnight every night for the past few weeks, which not only gives me the luxury of having almost no social life, but is also a great opportunity to take some photos on my late night bike rides home. That said, I still waited until the last possible minute and chose to […]


Where Can I Get a Good Blintz?

Welcome to Day 14 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt is Where Can I Get A Good Blintz?, and you can send the fan mail to MikeWJ. Don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you participated in today’s challenge before . To clear up any confusion, this […]

goats crossing the road, goats, mountain goats, mountains, nanny goats

Driving While Under The Influence Of Ice Cream

Welcome to day 2 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge I thought up during an unmedicated moment. Today’s prompt is “Roadblock“. Enjoy, and don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge! Driving While Under The Influence Of Ice Cream When I was 18 […]

expensive marshmallows

Lights and Heights

I’ve been seeing these ads for the annual Festival des Lumieres with the tag line “To boost your morale!”, because you know, February sucks. But it doesn’t really suck, at least not for me, but then again, February is generally perceived as a sucky no-light month (even though the days are getting longer). Which is […]

Intersection articulée. Architecture relationnelle 18 place des festivals


There were strange lights in the night sky for the last couple of months. Spots of white light could be seen dancing off the clouds which could be seen from miles away. UFOs? That’s what I thought (though not really) when I saw four beams of light shooting across the sky from my backyard. So […]

cheeseburger, cheeburger, hamburger, hamburger buns, olives

Cheeburger Montreal Review – Take Two

Three months ago, Mike and I reviewed the new Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurant that opened up in downtown Montreal. While we totally enjoyed it, we got a bunch of comments from other people who went to the restaurant and did NOT enjoy it. Some of them were quite, um,  passionate about their negative experiences. So Mike […]

french fries, onion rings, cheeburger cheeburger, downtown montreal

Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal Review

That’s right. After a disappointing false start, Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal is OPEN for business and WWFC was there to review! I was the first to arrive at the restaurant and, while I missed meeting head chef Jeff Jablow (who was kind enough to visit our blog and let us know the restaurant’s official opening date) […]

cumulonimbus sunset ave du parc

Heatwave, Shmeatwave

That’s right. It’s hot. 95 degrees hot. Like everywhere. Yet I can’t help but think… This is great! I know. It sucks if you have respiratory issues and it could suck if your A/C doesn’t work (raises hand). However, the clouds were freakin’ amazing even if the rain that eventually poured out of them did […]

hamburger, mclean's pub, pickle, bacon, sliced cheese, french fries

Cheeburger Cheeburger Is Coming To Canada…Or Is It?

Last week Mike was on vacation and since I’m an unemployed bum, I convinced him it was absolutely imperative we attend the GRAND OPENING of Cheeburger Cheeburger Montreal on Friday. He grudgingly agreed to potentially spend hours in line waiting to taste what he himself heralded as the greatest cheeseburger ever! Then I bailed on […]

blue specialized mountain bike

How Not To Die While Cycling

Cycling in a busy city like Montreal is easy. It’s true that our automobile drivers have a terrible reputation, and most cyclists don’t obey the laws of the road. Even pedestrians get into the act by crossing on red lights. Especially downtown where the streets are narrow and it’s easy to skit across. It’s just […]

cheeburger cheeburger logo

Cheeburger Cheeburger is Coming To Canada!

Some of you might remember a wistful post I wrote about love and cheeseburgers and how sometimes the fondest memory is nestled between two buns. Sesame seeded, naturally. Ever since that time in Nebraska, I’ve been chasing the dragon, i.e, searching for the perfect cheeseburger! I’ve had some good ones since that time, but as […]

Stand the fuck back!

Open Letter To My Fellow Passengers On The Montreal Public Transit System

Dear Fellow Passengers, Were you surprised to see me today? It has been a while, I know. To be perfectly honest, I thought it was over between us months ago. I never thought I’d have to face you all again. You see, you may not have realized it, but I broke up with you. That’s […]


Epic Cheeseburger

I just found out that the dudes behind Epic Meal Time are local to Montreal, so I’m not sure if this fills me with pride, or just a lot of ground beef and bacon. And cheese. Should I even bother continuing to look for the perfect cheeseburger? After watching this, I’m not sure I even […]


The Cheeseburger Under The Stairs

Way back in the heady days of 2010, I wrote about how I stared into the abyss of cheeseburger heaven/hell and how I’ll forever be searching for the perfect burger. With cheese of course. Well I almost found it! The thing with addiction and the perfect high, is that it’s pretty much always going to […]



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